What if YOU were the expert who solves sleep problems no one else can?

Introducing the Sleep Coach Academy

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Does a career that challenges, empowers, and pays you (for real), even exist?

The Sleep Coach Academy is the only program that integrates theory-to-practice sleep coaching with business fundamentals, giving you everything you need to jumpstart a successful, rewarding, and lucrative career.

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Are you struggling with sleeplessness and exhaustion?

Hundreds of client have regained restored sleep, sanity, and security within 1-3 months of beginning treatment.   


Sleep like a baby.

Live like a boss.

Why become a sleep coach?

You’re a career-hunting grad or kollel yungerman ...

ready to turn your natural talent and drive into a sustainable and satisfying career and you have a hunch OT or accounting will bore you to death.

You’re a lover of all things health and wellness ...

with heart and passion as big as Texas, ready for the skills and business smarts to take you to the next level because you know you can’t win clients on good intentions alone.

You’re a 9-5er sick of the income ceiling, ...

your boss, and his lack of vision. You’re ready to make big money, but there’s no room in the budget for 4-year college and accompanying debt.

 Trust your gut. 

Something better is out there.

The Sleep Coach Academy is the only program that integrates

theory-to-practice sleep coaching with business fundamentals,

giving you everything you need to jumpstart a successful,

rewarding, and lucrative career.

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What does the Sleep Coach Academy offer?

The career that lets you use YOUR G-d-given strengths and skills to help people and make money.

The kind of

leadership strengths

and people smarts you always knew you had — but could never use in the mad rush of a draining office-car-home-car-office lifestyle.

The kind of skills that don’t involve making sense of endless columns of numbers or whipping dozens of hyper kids into shape — and allow you to put your left-brain logic and right-brain creativity to work in a stimulating, fulfilling, and meaningful way.

The kind of business strategies that looks easy enough on YouTube until you realize those sneaks actually need tender loving care to grow and mature into revenue-generating solutions.

Meet the only sleep coaching + business course designed for forward-thinkers who want to launch successful, rewarding, and profitable practices.

“The Sleep Coach Academy has given me incredible skills

with the potential to help so many people.”

“I’d been teaching special education for 25 years, and honestly, I needed a change. When Doron Lazarus effortlessly got my 6-year-old to sleep for the first time in months, I was gratified — and intrigued. It wasn’t long before I enrolled in the Sleep Coach Academy. It’s a fantastic program that has given me incredible skills with the potential to help so many people. It’s set me on a whole new career path with a whole new skill set and I’m excited about setting up my own coaching practice.”

- Chevy Mermelstein, Montreal, Canada

Why become a sleep coach?

Meaningful Work

As a sleep coach, you’ll be helping your clients on real, transformative journeys, giving them back their lives and health. It’s incredibly satisfying to help alleviate suffering and effectuate long-lasting healing.

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High Pain Point

Those suffering from insomnia and other debilitating sleeping conditions need a solution — and they need it fast. Your clients will know exactly what you do and will be queuing up for fast and lasting relief.

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Strong Niche

High demand, low competition. Very few professionals — including doctors, therapists, and even other sleep coaches — can genuinely help any insomniac who walks through their door. With the tools you’ll receive at SCA, you’ll be able to handle the toughest cases and then some.

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3-Month Training

Learning a new skill set shouldn’t take years and money you don’t have. SCA’s program isn’t busywork with hundreds of hoops to jump through until graduation day. Our goal is to get you working and successful as quickly as possible. Graduate-level skills without graduate-level stress.

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High Profit

A pure cash business with no insurance and low overhead, there isn’t a lot to weigh a sleep coach’s business down. A practice without a brick-and-mortar office, billing, or huge staff translates into minimum overhead and maximum profit.

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All Yours

Once you’ve trained, you want to know your skills can’t be outsourced to the East or replaced by AI. Worried about the recession? People still need to sleep, so we can safely guarantee your skills will always be in demand. Sleep coaching is as human as it gets.

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High pain points + low competition = the winning career combination

Sleep coaching is the no-brainer career for

those who want to be in demand

— not in debt.

“Doron Lazarus is a passionate and extremely knowledgeable instructor.”

“His intuitive, whole-person approach, his custom sleep programs, and the wide range of knowledge and skills he has introduced us to at the Sleep Coach Academy have beautifully complemented the work I do as a women's health consultant. The ability to heal my clients from a deeper place will have a profound impact on their health, relationships, businesses, and beyond. This course is highly recommended for committed health service professionals eager to help their clients reach their full potential.”

-Leah Tikva Rosen, Monsey, NY

Be the hero they’ll heap blessings on. Again. And again.

As shown by the testimonials below:

"If I missed my sleeping pills, I would be up all night. "

"The doctor wanted to put me on stronger meds. One session with my sleep coach and, literally overnight, I was off the pills. Haven’t needed them since."

- Brian Brager, Finance CEO, New Jersey

"I’m no longer an insomniac."

"I can sleep well for the first time in my life, and I finally have the energy I need. My sleep coach was literally a miracle worker."

- Karen Kuykendall, ICU Nurse

"Hormone imbalance turned to full insomnia anxiety."

She was often up for nights at a time. Even after working with sleep expert, Doron Lazarus, she was not seeing a long term improvement... until they finally got to the root of the issue. See her story with a surprise ending...

- Freeda Spira, New York

What will it take for YOU to become someone’s hero?

What else were you wondering about?

Q: What educational background do I need to join the Sleep Coach Academy? Do I need to know a lot of science?

A: Absolutely none! If you’re curious, love to learn, and are passionate about helping people and making a difference in their health, you can build a thriving sleep coaching practice.

Q: Can I do this program even though I have another job or family obligation?

A: Of course! The beauty of this program is its flexibility.

Q: How much can I expect to make as a sleep coach?

A: I teach my coaches how to sell customized coaching packages and make $10k within the first month, with the potential for $20-30K a month within 6 months.

Q: Is the training limited to sleep coaching?

A: Surprisingly not. With the principles you’ll gain at SCA, you can set up any health coaching program successfully.

With a solid foundation, empowering mentorship, and robust skills you can have it all: a hit-the-spot paycheck, work-life balance, and the deep satisfaction of a meaningful career.

It’s time to take your professional success

into your own hands.

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Hi there. I’m Doron Lazarus, CSSC, Hypnotherapist, the Founder and Chief Sleep Coach at Sleep Coach Academy.

My personal struggle and insight into insomnia led me to explore sleep coaching as a viable business. In 2019, I launched a proper sleep coaching business and went all in. Since then, I’ve built a successful practice that has brought meaning to my life, healing to my clients, and stability to my family. Oh, and I’ve 5xed my monthly income too.

I pride myself in helping mold every program participant not only into a great sleep coach but an industry leader — someone who will use their talents and drive to bring hope and healing to hundreds.

The Sleep Coach Academy is a Subsidiary of Executive Sleep Consulting, LLC. All rights reserved.